Using an unreleased version of Nesta

Let's say that there's a cool new feature of Nesta you want to try, that was added to Nesta more recently than the last version was released. With Bundler there's an easy way to use the bleeding edge version of Nesta for your projects.

You'll need to replace the line in your Gemfile about Nesta with the following:

gem "nesta", :git => "git://"

And then run:

$ bundle install

VoilĂ , you are now running the latest development version of Nesta.

Maybe that particular feature you want is in a specific branch other than master. You can specify which branch you want, for example:

gem "nesta", :git    => "git://",
             :branch => "gem-plugins"

In fact, when we pass the :git option only, the master branch is assumed.

Note also that this can be used to specify your own branch or repository, so that Nesta can have all the features you built. For example:

gem "nesta", :git => "git://"

Be warned that this requires a .gemspec file in your project folder. If you don't have one you should pass a version number to Bundler so that it can resolve dependencies, as in:

gem "nesta", "0.9.11", 
             :git => "git://"

More details and further options can be found on the Bundler web site.

Jacopo Notarstefano is a Ruby developer from Italy. He blogs at and is @jaconotar on Twitter.