Environment variables

It sometimes doesn't make sense to commit the config.yml file for your project into your version control system. Typically, you'd only want to avoid doing this if others will be using your site as a template for their own sites, or if you extend Nesta in a manner that requires you to enter private data into config.yml.

If Nesta detects any Nesta related environment variables it will ignore the config.yml file completely. You might want to keep a config.yml file around for convenience when developing your site locally, and just make sure that you don't check it into your respository.

Variable naming convention

Each config setting in config.yml has a corresponding variable name, and it's quite easy to work out what each one will be called. Just take the name of the config setting, convert it to uppercase, and stick NESTA_ on the front.

For example:


A few variables are nested in the Yaml file; separate the components of their names with a double underscore, like this: