Using Google Analytics

Google's free analytics software is a great way to keep track of how many people are using your web site, and it's very easy to configure. You just add the "web property ID" that Google give you when you sign up to the config file.

Configuring config.yml

Open the config/config.yml file in a text editor and search for google_analytics_code. Uncomment it, and set it to your site's web property ID. The web property ID usually starts with "UA", and will look something like this:

google_analytics_code: UA-1234567-8

Adding Google's JavaScript to the page

Whether or not Google Analyics is enabled for your site is controlled by the Haml template that is responsible for rendering the page. Nesta comes with a theme that adds Google's HTML and JavaScript, and many other themes also call it by default.

If the theme or templates that you're using don't include the JavaScript you can insert the relevant code by adding a line like this in your layout template:

= haml :analytics, :layout => false