Adding attachments

Attachments are stored in the attachments sub directory of your content directory. You can then refer to them in your web pages via URLs beginning with /attachments. For example:

Download my [superb eBook](/attachments/my-ebook.pdf).

Here's a great picture:

<img src="/attachments/my-image.png" alt="Great picture"/>

This example is Markdown, but you can insert an image tag in a Textile page too (and, of course, a Haml page). That's one of the nice things about Markdown and Textile; if they don't support what you need you can drop into HTML to say what you really mean. I find that it's rarely necessary, but it's nice to be able to fall back on HTML if the need arises.

There's nothing to stop you from putting your images into Nesta's public directory (any file that you drop into public will be served automatically). The only reason that the content/attachments directory exists is that it allows you to keep your text and images together inside the content folder.