Comments with Disqus

Comments are easily added to a Nesta site through Disqus, a third party "comments platform". Comments are added to your web pages with a small snippet of JavaScript code. You moderate the comments by logging into your Disqus account.

While Disqus isn't the only service that you can use to serve comments on your site (see Intense Debate and CoComment), Disqus is currently the only one that is supported out of the box. Once you've created a Disqus account and added your web site to it, all you need to do is to tell Nesta what your site's Disqus key is (which Disqus refer to as your "short name").

Configuring config.yml

Open the config/config.yml file in a text editor and search for disqus_short_name. Uncomment it, and set your site's short name. It will look something like this:

disqus_short_name: mysite

Showing comments on a page

Whether or not comments are shown on a page is controlled by the Haml template that is responsible for rendering the page. Nesta comes with a template that will add the Disqus HTML and JavaScript, and some themes call it by default.

If the theme or templates that you're using don't include comments you can insert the relevant code by adding a line like this in your template:

= haml :comments, :layout => false