Related-by-category plugin

This plugin examines the category metadata that you have assigned to your site's pages and uses it to find the pages/articles that relate most closely to the page that is currently being served.

You can use it to create links to other pages that your visitors might be interested in reading.

By default, up to three related articles will be shown but you can specify any number you like.

Written by James Abbott.


$ cd path/to/site
$ echo 'gem "nesta-plugin-related-by-category" >> Gemfile'
$ bundle

The plugin defines a couple of useful helper methods for use in your page template. Here's an example (modify as you see fit, and use it in your site's template):

- if has_related_articles?(@page)
    %h2 Related articles
      - related_by_category(@page).each do |article|
          %a{ href: article.abspath }= article.heading

You can browse the code on the GitHub page.