Cache plugin

Allows you to set Cache-Control headers for each page or globally to allow clients and proxies to cache your page and to improve performance. If you're looking for page or fragment caching (where generated HTML is written to your local disk) see the docs on page caching.

To use, add expires: 120 and expires_type: private (for example) to your config.yml to set global values and use the Expires and Expires Type metadata on each page for which you wish to set different values. For more information about expire types, see the RFC.

Warning: setting very high values for expires or the Expires metadata might lead to unexpected consequences where users get outdated pages. Values above 1 hour (3600, in seconds) should be approached with extreme caution.

Written by Max Sadrieh.


$ cd path/to/site
$ echo 'gem "nesta-plugin-cache" >> Gemfile'
$ bundle

For full instructions, see the README. You can browse the code on the GitHub page.