Once you've designed your site and written your first page of content you want to get it out there for all the world to see.

Nesta will run on any web server that supports Sinatra. This gives you plenty of choice, but you don't even need your own web server. We're going to look at how to deploy Nesta on the Heroku platform and on your own server.

  1. Running on Heroku

    Heroku was one of the first "Platform as a Service" cloud based hosting platforms. Running Nesta on Heroku is easy, and it's probably fair to say that most Nesta sites are deployed on Heroku.

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  2. Publishing Articles with Git

    This article will show you how to store the contents of your Nesta web site in a local Git repository, and publish changes by running a single git command. It's not relevant if you're deploying to Heroku.

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  3. Setting up page caching

    If you run your Nesta site on a server or VPS (rather than on a platform like Heroku) your site's performance may benefit from page or fragment caching. Nesta no longer provides support for page caching itself; instead we rely on sinatra-cache to do it for us.

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