Nesta was designed and written by Graham Ashton, with help from members of the community who have submitted some great patches.


This list is roughly in order of when somebody made their first commit.

  • Mika Tuupola -- Textile support.
  • Matt Yoho -- A great HTTP caching patch.
  • Glenn Gillen -- Delaying the date/time at which an article is published (i.e. appears in the Atom feed and in your blog's list of recent articles), Erb parsing of config.yml, and more.
  • Wynn Netherland -- Public metadata, bug fixes, upgrading to RSpec 2.
  • Barry Keenan -- Setting default encoding on Heroku.
  • Robert Syme -- Rendering summaries of arbitrary articles.
  • Christopher Lindblom -- Added the --version option. Fixed page titles for pages whose parent is the home page.
  • Andrew Nesbitt - Upgraded Haml and Sass to version 3.1.
  • Sidharta Surya Kusnanto - Updated Disqus support.
  • Carl Furrow - Made helper methods available when rendering pages written in Haml.
  • Isaac Cambron - Added the stylesheet helper that renders either Sass or SCSS stylesheets (you previously had to hard code the flavour you preferred).
  • Louis Nyffenegger - Fixed bug that allowed any file within content folder to be retrieved if '..' was included in the URL of an attachment.
  • Max Sadrieh - Serving assets correctly when mounted on a path, Etag support in
  • Micah Chalmer - Added the body_markup method on the Page class to make it simpler for plugins to modify the way pages are parsed. Added the "Link text" metadata. Refactored Nesta's URL helpers so that it would work nicely in a Rails app (as well as Sinatra).
  • Chad Ostrowski - Added the current_item? helper in the Navigation module.
  • Pete Gadomski - Made the default text used in the "Read more" link configurable in config.yml. Also made it possible to configure the HTML class used for the current page when rendering menus.
  • Sean Redmond - Added support for arbitrary settings in config.yml, so you can now use it to configure any features that you might add to your site.
  • Jake Rayson - Include useful default templates in new themes.
  • Sean Schofield - Added Microdata to the breadcrumb to help search engines to categorise your content.
  • Jordan Owens - Multiple bug fixes and improvements.
  • Phillip Miller - Support for writing Markdown in files with a .md extension.

If you've contributed and I haven't mentioned you, it's not intentional. Drop me an email on GitHub and I'll add you in. If you've sent me a patch, you should be on GitHub's list of contributors.

Documentation contributors

A growing list have contributed to the documentation.

If you'd like to improve the docs or contribute an article, all you need to do is:

  1. Fork this site (gma/ on GitHub),
  2. Add your content.
  3. Send a pull request (to gma).