Nesta 0.9.8 released

Version 0.9.8 is out. It's a bug fix release, to fix a fairly serious problem with 0.9.7. The ./public folder wasn't accessible when deployed to some environments (notably Heroku).


If you're upgrading from 0.9.7, just update your Gemfile and re-run bundle.

$ sed -i '' -e '/nesta/ s/0.9.[0-9]/0.9.8/' Gemfile
$ bundle

If you're upgrading from an earlier release you'll also need to get yourself a new copy of the file from the template file in the gem:

$ cp $(bundle show nesta)/templates/ .

The changes

Here's the CHANGES file describing the bug:

  • Bug fix: The Sinatra app's root directory wasn't set which meant that Nesta couldn't always find the ./public directory (such as when running on Heroku).

    The modifications made in 0.9.6 to make Nesta easier to mount inside another Rack application moved Nesta::App.root to the (new) Nesta::Env class. In 0.9.6 I forgot to actually set Nesta::App.root as well, which was a big mistake. Whoops.

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