Nesta 0.9.7 released

Version 0.9.7 has been released and is available from

It contains two new features and a handful of bug fixes. The features are best described as "small, but useful":

  1. There's a new renderer method called stylesheet that can convert a Sass or SCSS format stylesheet into a CSS file. Previously you had to choose which format your site or theme would use and stick with it, or override Nesta's behaviour if you didn't like the default format (Sass). The stylesheet method was contributed by Isaac Cambron.

  2. Menus are rendered as ordered lists. If you wanted to write CSS to highlight the menu item corresponding to the current page, you couldn't do it. In 0.9.7 you can; the current page's list item has the class of “current”.

You may have noticed that we've skipped version 0.9.6. This release should have been numbered 0.9.6, but there was a bug in the version of Rubygems that I used to build and deploy it and I had to remove the gem from I then had to rebuild the gem using a new version number.


To upgrade an existing site:

  1. Update the version of Nesta that is registered in your Gemfile and re-run bundle.
  2. Replace your file from the template provided in the gem. There's been a bit of shuffling around and a new library (called nesta/env) must now be loaded before nesta/app can be required, and this all happens inside your file.

In case that's not clear, these commands would have the desired effect:

$ cd path/to/your/site
$ sed -i '' -e '/nesta/ s/0.9.[0-9]/0.9.7/' Gemfile
$ bundle
$ cp $(bundle show nesta)/templates/ .

The changes

Here's the relevant section of the CHANGES file:

  • Nesta no longer cares whether you write your Sass stylesheets in the original indented Sass format or the default SCSS syntax (which is a superset of CSS). To use this functionality within your own site or theme change change any calls to the existing sass or scss helpers to stylesheet. (Isaac Cambron, Graham Ashton)

  • Add an HTML class ("current") to the menu items whose path matches the current page.

  • Bug fix: Strip trailing # characters from Markdown headings at the top of a page.

  • Bug fix: Don't render the return value of local_stylesheet_link_tag directly into the page (haml_tag now writes direct to the output buffer).

  • Bug fix: Removed trailing whitespace inside <a> tags generated by the display_breadcrumbs() helper.

  • Bug fix: Nesta::App.root couldn't be set until after nesta/app was required. Odd that, as the only reason to want to change Nesta::App.root would be before requiring nesta/app. Fixed by creating Nesta::Env and moving root to there instead.

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