Nesta 0.9.5 released

I just released Nesta 0.9.5 to

To upgrade update the version number in your Gemfile and re-run bundle.

It contains an impressive list of bug fixes from the community. Here's the relevant section of the CHANGES file:

  • Added --version option to nesta command (Christopher Lindblom).
  • Upgraded Haml and Sass to version 3.1 (Andrew Nesbitt).
  • Updated the URL from which the Disqus JavaScript is loaded (Sidharta Surya Kusnanto).
  • Bug fix: Don't use parent's heading in page title if parent's heading is blank (Christopher Lindblom).
  • Bug fix: Removed trailing whitespace inside <a> tags generated by the display_menu() helper.
  • Bug fix: Made article_summaries render summaries for the pages passed into it (Robert Syme).
  • Bug fix: Empty files in the content directory would cause the site to crash - they are now served properly.
  • Bug fix: When pages written in Haml were included on a category page the default theme didn't provide access to Sinatra's helper methods within Haml templates. See pull request for more (Carl Furrow).

This is the first release for which I didn't write the lion's share of the code. It's been really gratifying to get so many contributions. Keep 'em coming!

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