Nesta 0.9.10 released

Version 0.9.10 has been released. New features include support for extending Nesta with plugins (which are distributed as Ruby gems) and the ability to mark a page as draft (which will hide it on your production site).

See the plugin documentation for information on how to write and share plugins. The draft functionality has been implemented with a new metadata key called flags, which allows you to add boolean settings to your pages. You can then check a page's flags in your template and modify the web page accordingly.


If you're upgrading from 0.9.7 or later, just update your Gemfile and re-run bundle.

$ sed -i '' -e '/nesta/ s/0.9.[0-9]/0.9.10/' Gemfile
$ bundle

If you're upgrading from an earlier release you'll also need to get yourself a new copy of the file from the template file in the gem:

$ cp $(bundle show nesta)/templates/ .

The changes

Here's the CHANGES file with the full list of updates:

  • Load Nesta plugins from gems. Any gem whose name begins with nesta-plugin- can be used in a project by adding it to the project's Gemfile beneath the gem "nesta" line. New plugins can be created with the nesta plugin:create command.

  • Mark pages as draft by setting a flag. Draft pages won't be shown in production, but will be visible on your local copy of your site (as it's running in "development").

  • Upgraded Sinatra to version 1.2.6. Upgraded other dependencies to latest compatible versions.

  • Bug fix: The stylesheet helper method assumes that you're using the Sass rendering engine by default, which allows it to find .sass files within the gem if no matching files are found locally.

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