Nesta 0.16.0 released (GA4 and Sinatra 3.1)

Nesta 0.16.0 is out. The most noteworthy change is the move from Google's Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4.

Here's a summary of the changes, taken from the CHANGELOG file:

  • Update Google Analytics JS code to GA4.

  • Upgrade Sinatra to version 3.1.

  • Tilt renderers (e.g. for Markdown, Haml, or Textile) are now configurable. See this commit for details.

  • Drop support for Ruby 2.7, which is no longer supported by Nokogiri, which is one of Nesta's dependencies. This is understandable; Ruby 2.7 reached end-of-life in March 2023.

  • Bug fix: Config variables that were defined for an environment (test, dev, production), but for which there was no default, were always read as nil.


To install the new version edit your site's Gemfile and remove the version number (if it has one) from the end of the line, then run:

$ bundle update nesta

You should now be able to start up the site locally with mr-sparkle, and test it:

$ bundle exec mr-sparkle

If you have any weird errors when you start your server it could be a result of there being some fairly old gems installed. Update the entire bundle and try again:

$ bundle update
$ bundle exec mr-sparkle

Updating your code

If you're not using Google Analytics, you've no code changes to make.

If you are using Google Analytics, there are two common scenarios:

  • If you copied Nesta's default analytics.haml template into your ./views directory, you can upgrade your site to GA4 by replacing its contents with the new template.

  • If you don't have an analytics.haml in your ./views folder (but your site is rendering it as part of your HTML) then switching to Nesta 0.16.0 will automatically pull in Google's new JavaScript.

You'll also need to create a new GA4 property on

Don't forget to update the google_analytics_code value to your new "Measurement ID" in config/config.yml!

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