Nesta 0.11.0 released

You can find the full list of updates in the CHANGES file.

Thanks to all who've contributed to this release, particularly Jordan Owens who worked his way through a bunch of outstanding bugs late last year.


To install the new version edit your site's Gemfile and remove the version number (if it has one) from the end of the line, then run:

$ bundle update nesta

You should now be able to start up the site locally with mr-sparkle, and test it:

$ bundle exec mr-sparkle

If you have any weird errors when you start your server it could be a result of there being some fairly old gems installed. Update the entire bundle and try again:

$ bundle update
$ bundle exec mr-sparkle

Updating your code

There are no changes to make to your sites.

What's new?

These notes are pulled straight out of the CHANGES file.

  • Allow Haml pages to use the built-in Markdown filter again, by including the haml-contrib gem. (Jordan Owens)

  • When building the breadcrumb (e.g. "Home > Category > Page") for a page whose URL is at the top level of a site, include a page's first category in the breadcrumb. See for an example. (Jordan Owens)

  • Print an error message when one of Nesta's command line tools calls an external process (e.g. git), but the command doesn't return successfully. (Graham Ashton)

  • When the menu.txt pointed to a page that didn't exist, Nesta would silently stop generating the menu, and links to pages further down the file would be ignored. This is now fixed; the missing page is ignored and the rest of the menu is generated. (Jordan Owens)

  • Nesta previously expected all Markdown files to be named with a .mdown extension. The (commonly used) .md extension is now supported as well. (Phillip Miller)

  • The Google Analytics JavaScript code has been updated to their Universal Analytics version. (Graham Ashton)

  • Relax restrictions on how Nesta can be configured. Previously Nesta would only read if config.yml file if there weren't any environment variables set. This restriction is historic, and unhelpful. See for details. (Glenn Gillen)

  • Plugins are distributed as gems. We've previously relied upon Bundler to generate plugin gems for us, but when Bundler changed the format of its generated gems they no longer worked with Nesta. Nesta now generates gems from scratch (from a template), which removes our dependency on a third party tool. (Jordan Owens, Glenn Gillen, Graham Ashton)

  • Support for Ruby 2.2. (Graham Ashton)

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