Upgrading to the Nesta gem

If you're running an existing site on Nesta, you should upgrade to the gem. It's simpler, faster and more easily extended. It's also easy to do.

Make a new project

The old development model involved forking the project, editing the code and then deploying it. This is simple on the face of it, but it does leave far more code lying around in your current directory than you might like.

We're going to abandon that approach and move all your content into a new project. The new model looks something like this:

$ gem install nesta
$ nesta new mysite.com --git
$ ls mysite.com
Gemfile     config/     config.ru   content/

That's it; you've got a new web site in the mysite.com folder that's awaiting your content and design changes. Because we specified the --git option the project is already under version control.

If you use Vlad to deploy Nesta you should also pass the --vlad switch to the nesta new command. Then copy your existing deploy.rb file:

$ nesta new mysite.com --git --vlad
$ cp path/to/old/project/config/deploy.rb config/

Also check that Vlad has been configured according to your taste in the freshly generated Rakefile.

Now we can use bundler to install all Nesta's dependencies.

$ cd mysite.com
$ bundle

Copying the configuration

You need the same config.yml file that you had before, so let's copy it straight into the new project:

$ cp path/to/old/project/config/config.yml config/

Importing your content

The content folder hasn't changed either, so you can just copy it over too:

$ cp -r path/to/old/project/content/* content/

Test it in the browser at this point to see if it starts up properly:

$ mr-sparkle config.ru

Visit http://localhost:8080 to check that it's working.

Migrating your local changes

Prior to the gem, design changes that were "local" to your site were all added to files inside the ./local folder. We don't need that folder any more; your modifications have been moved into the top level of your project's directory.

Run this command to copy over your "local" changes:

$ cp -r path/to/old/project/local/{app.rb,public,views} .

You may want to fix any URLs in your CSS at this point, if you have referred to any images that have "local" in their path.

Installing themes

Themes are unchanged in the new version, but the command to install them has been renamed. Re-install your theme (if you're using one) with:

$ nesta theme:install <repository-url>

Wrapping up

That's it, you should be done. It would be a good idea to scan the CHANGES file to familiarise yourself with what else has changed.

Once you're happy with your site all you need to do is to re-deploy it.

If your site used was originally deployed from a fork of the nesta project on GitHub, we'd appreciate it if you'd delete the fork. All those forks with web sites in them turned out to be a very good way to hide useful patches in a sea of design related commits.

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